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Ghost Eagle Publishing is an independent self-publishing company that offers consulting services to new authors seeking assistance in navigating the options towards getting a book published in today’s exciting print-on-demand industry. Specializing in fiction, historical or general, we accept queries or proposals to provide a publishing strategy tailored to fit the book’s level of completion and the author’s need for help. A step-by-step process is constructed in conjunction with a desired publishing date. The objective is to bring focus on the tasks to perform to prepare a work “ready to publish” and provide recommendations and guidance in reaching the intermediate goals ...read more

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In the winter of 1754, Corrinne de Chanaye and Philippe Gerrard flee the corruption of New France to the city of Boston, hoping to begin a new life in the Massachusetts colony. In the center hold of the Falcon Queen, they bring with them a hex-sealed coffin containing the hand and jawbone of a vulnax wraith, a creature from a seven-hundred-year-old legend.

Across the ocean, this ancient evil has stirred. Freed from its grave, it possesses Wilhelm von Kleinfels, a Hessian major, who is sent in pursuit. His orders are clear. Find the coffin, break the seal, release the wraith, and kill Philippe, Corrinne, and their children.  ...read more


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